Welcome to my website: Art, Digital, & Medium!

My name is Lucas Pauly and I am the creator of this website. This site was created as a final project for my Language, Text, and Technology class at Washington State University Vancouver. This class is part of the Digital Technology and Culture program which deals with learning how to use electronic media programs and platforms, such as Photoshop and HTML, and discussing electronic media’s role and influence in our world’s past, present, and future. The Language, Text, and Technology class in particular deals with the three terms in the title of the class and focuses on what they mean and what role they have served in regard to the way we think, create, and communicate.

This website was created for the final project of this class in which all students were given the task of choosing three words or concepts out of numerous words that were available and creating a project that centered around them and their relation to our class. I chose the words art, digital, and medium.

This project seeks to analyze these three words in the context of our class by analyzing art in different mediums and comparing that experience to digital counterparts of the same art. The website goes over a few different mediums of art as examples such as paintings, hand-molded creations, and music. These different mediums are analyzed in regards to what makes it so special to see these works in person, rather than digitally on a computer.

The first page, “The Words”, defines the words that I chose to base this project off of and how they relate to the course. The “Art” and “Recordings” page explain my thought process as to why seeing art in person is so important, and gives examples to help illustrate my points. The “Conclusion” page wraps up the project and the “Works Cited” page lists the works I used to make this project a reality.